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The Basics: Before You Start Investing to Philippine StockMarket

Before we show you how to use each of the sections in thePinoyInvestorStock Market Portal, here are some important to-dos first. Please accomplish these to ensure that you use the PinoyInvestor Stocks Portal the right way!

Why are you looking to put money in the stock market? Frankly, to make a lot of money does not count as an Investment Objective. Its obviously what we all want, but that alone is too vague to be effective. Are you doing this for your childrens college education? Your own retirement? Or to pay for monthly expenses? Alright, were getting a bit clearer. But for how long will you plan to do this via the stock market? 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? Forever?Knowing your Investment Objective helps you set your goals, time horizon, and overall disposition.After all, if youre investing for your retirement 40 years from now, it wouldnt make sense to panic if the market went down this week, right? Thus, your first step: KNOW YOUR INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE. Read our free resource,in the PinoyInvestor Academy to help you set an Investment Objective now!

Now that you have an Investment Objective, its time to choose an Investment Strategy appropriate for it. This is because a disconnected Investment Objective and Investment Strategy wont produce optimal returns for you.Buy and Hold, Cost Averaging,andMarket Timingare the three basic Investment Strategies that you can apply. Which one is best for you? Know by accomplishing your second step:Choose Your Investment Strategy. Read these free resource in the PinoyInvestor Academy and set your Investment Strategy now! Once youve done 1 and 2, you will know what to do in the stock market every time regardless if the market is going up or down! Just keep on executing your Investment Strategy and you can be sure to reap the most optimal returns for your chosen strategy in due time!

Investing in the stock market will always involve risk even loss of capital!

Invest only what you can afford to lose. Do NOT invest ALL of your savings.

Be sure to have a cash emergency fund equivalent to at least 6 months of your monthly expenses before investing. You wouldnt want to be forced to take money from your investment fund because: you will either lose out on future compounded gains OR WORSE, realize paper losses!

DO NOT change Investment Strategies because of emotions or market sentiment. For example: If you decided on using the Cost Averaging strategy, dont suddenly sell because the market is going down and everyone is selling. The strength of Cost Averaging lies in the increased number of shares you can buy when the market is going down! Not doing this defeats the purpose.

Different people have different Investment Objectives and Strategies which means different stock trades and moves apply to different investors. Be careful when accepting advice from strangers!

Accept full responsibility for all your trades and investment decisions. Independence and responsibility are the foundations of being a great PinoyInvestor!

Be the best stock market investor or trader you can be. Read ALL of the PinoyInvestor Academy resources freely available to you. Continuously learn. Being in the stock market may be a destination to achieve your dreams and Investment Objectives but it is every bit a journey of being better, too!

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How to Use PinoyInvestor: For Long-TermInvestors

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