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This show is for entrepreneurs and investors who want to learn how to invest in all markets. This easy-to-follow advice will show you how to make money during all of the market changes. Learn from accomplished investor Paul Gabrail as he guides you through the economic cycles and gives you real strategies that will help you take advantage of the current market.

Inside each episode, Paul talks about his experience and talks to others about their experiences in life, business, and investing. Paul pulls you into his world and shares with you what it takes to grow your real estate portfolio.

On todays episode, Paul and Seth discuss what is truth vs what is a fact. does perception always equal reality?

In this episode, Andrew presents Paul the deal of the week from Shreveport, LA.

Each week we will discuss a deal that has been pitched to us. Some will be ridiculous and some will be great deals. You will have to listen to find out if it is a good deal or a bad deal. Andrew will present Paul the deal without him having seen it before the podcast episode was recorded.

In todays episode, Paul and Seth take a break from Business & Investing advice and have a conversation about OJ Simpson. Paul tells Seth that he loves the FX show The People vs OJ Simpson. Did OJ do it? How did he get acquitted?

Then Seth brings up the Michael Jackson series on HBO about child sexual abuse allegations.

Every Business will always experience an undercutter. Whether you are in the service industry and the lower-skilled guy undercuts your price or you are in retail and the other chain offers cheaper products at a discount. Paul and Seth chat about what do people value and how do you set yourself apart.

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