I have the highest client success rate of any coach

You will have direct access to me, personally –

BothTelephone (40 minutes/month) & Email (Unlimited)

No Small Print, No Hidden Fees, No Monthly Charges

I currently offer coaching only throughIntelliBizAbout Me

My name is Bill Vaughn, and I have personally coached more budding real estate investors (over 18,000) thanANYotherreal estate coach. Period! I have been a professional real estate investor since 1969, when most gurus were still in grade school. I am the sameBill Vaughnwho developed the first reverse mortgage in 1985, which was adopted by HUD (Department of Housing & Urban Development) in 1987. I am the same investor who perfected the double escrow and a host of other flipping strategies back in 1972 and used nationwide today. I have often been referred to as The Father of Flipping. And in 1989 I createdThe Simple Mans Guide to Real Estateinvestor training course. It is the course that over 249,000 students in 19 countries have used to generate wealth for themselves. Now, I am dedicating some of my personal time to real estate coaching, assisting those who need help.

You can check my record (IntelliBiz) at the Better Business Bureau – you will discover I have had an A+ rating for over 20 years.

As you can see, my credentials are pretty solid. And my real estate coaching (mentoring) is second to none.

So, exactly what can I do for you, and what will it cost? Im not one to beat around the bush, so let me be blunt:

If you are not serious about growing rich and making great money in real estate, please do not waste your time here. I am a serious real estate coach, and I can only handle a limited number of clients. If you are not serious, this would be a waste of your money and my time and you would likely be better off withThe Simple Mans Guide to Real Estatecourse. It includes everything you need to succeed. You would still have a qualified, professional investor as a mentor – but it would not be personal, private telephone consulting with me (unless you join their V.I.P. Club). And as I said, I am the best in the business! My dedicated service is still very affordable, but I am only one man, and my time is limited. I like to dedicate my time only to the serious players.Still here? Good.

I will be your personal, one-on-one real estate coach for all your real estate investing needs

I will make myself available to you (7) days a week, for as long as you require my services

You may communicate with me directly & privately by email, by telephone or both. You choose

As your real estate coach I will answer your real estate questions, help you evaluate the viability of a potential property, assist in determining the appropriate strategy to use, help in your negotiations, and even assist in drawing up and reviewing the contracts if that is what you require. I will walk you through to closing, if necessary. The ultimate in real estate coaching.

copy of my top-rated real estate investing course, The Simple Mans Guide to Real Estate – you can download it immediately upon signing up (reg. $99). I will even provide a complete copy of the course in the mail, direct to your door.

You will not pay the $5,000-$40,000 charged by other gurus who do not even mentor you personally. And you will get more effective mentoring from me,

I will guarantee a minimum income of $100,000 a year! Ask yourself – is it worth $45 a month to earn $100,000? Thats what they call a no-brainer. Just $45 a month for a one year subscription, or pay a one-time payment of $499 for a full year (you save $65). Either way you have a full year of unlimited, dedicated coaching service (and you get my $99 Simple Mans Guide to Real Estate course

). And you may cancel at any time. Thats 40 minutes of phone consulting each month, unlimited email coaching, the download of the course plus a copy in the mail.

other real estate coach will provide this much dedicated service for so little cost. They dont even come close.

IMPORTANT NOTE:Obviously, I only have the same hours in a day that everyone else has, so I must limit this offer to only (200) people at any given time. When I have 200 clients, this offer of real estate coaching will no longer be available and this web page will be deleted. When a client no longer needs my services, I will then make that slot available to the first person who signs up for it. If you are seeing this page, slots are still available. But this offer may end at any time, without notice, so if you feel you could use the services of someone with my credentials, you may want to act quickly. It will not take long to fill (200) slots.

Before signing up, you are required to read and accept theTerms & Conditions,to avoid any misunderstandings. There is no small print. Your order cannot be cancelled, as the downloaded course cannot be reurned nor retrieved. I would also like to suggest that you download some of my free, littlereal estate bookswhich have been very popular and you should find informative and helpful.

Now, if you are ready to join this exclusive family of wealth builders, and you accept the terms & conditionsyou may do so here…