A look at earnings from the view of macro-economists and market technicians

A bottom-up view of earnings from professional equity analysts

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The earnings information proven to significantly outperform the overall market

Earnings Whisper ® numbers are the most accurate

Since 1998, Earnings Whispers has published 100,579 Earnings Whisper numbers and, 71.6% of the time, the Earnings Whisper number was the most accurate published expectation by gathering the true expectations of 11,516 professional analysts – people who actually get paid to tell hedge funds, portfolio managers, and broker clients their projections.

At the same time, weve gathered 7,565,923 price and earnings expectations from 711,520 individual investors to identify when, and what stocks, investors are the most bullish and bearish going into the companies earnings releases.

By combining the expectations of professional analysts, the sentiment of individual investors, and the actual results reported by the company, we can reliably indentify exactly where a stock lies in the Earnings Expectation Life Cycle

By identifying where a stock is in the Earnings Expectation Life Cycle, we can then identify which stocks are more likely to drift higher (or lower) throughout the quarter following the companys earnings release – with the A+ stocks outperforming the overall market by 267%

Each week we assess the current environment by first taking top-down view of the market from the perspective of macro economists and market technicians, then we take a look at the top companies scheduled to report earnings – from the perspective of the bottom-up analysts.

Our model portfolio for three-month positions based on the Earnings Whisper Grade

Measuring a companys results against professional analysts expectations and the individual investors sentiment, gives us an indication of which stocks are most likely to outperform the overall market over the next 90 days.

All earnings releases for today (and in the past) along with the consensus estimates, the Earnings Whisper ® number, year-over-year growth, guidance indication – and the Earnings Whisper Grade

All corporate guidance announcements for today, and the past, along with a market summary and guidance trends

When it comes to equities, fundamental trends play a more important role in the performance of the stock than the technical trends.

Short interest tends to peak when a stock bottoms – here is a list of stocks that has had some favorable earnings indicators while short interest has climbed to a potential peak.

The actions of insiders can often give a clue to the upcoming earnings

Some statistically favorable trading strategies – including the Russell Reversals

Past performance is not indicative of future results.