Mike, we closed our first deal! We netted $42,500!

Thanks for your guidance and support, you guys are

Investor Institute is proud to provide the firstSubmit It & Forget ItShort Sale Processing Servicein the industry! Unlike other Negotiation Services that only supply a short sale approval, ourSubmit It & Forget Itservice revolutionizes your success by coordinating end buyer offers with your offer to the Short Sale lender to create maximum spreads. In addition, theSubmit It & Forget Itservice includes management of the entire closing process with the attorney and/or escrow! You sit back and wait for the check! We never charge any fees because we have a true vested interest in completing your transaction. As you can see, we are truly committed to your success!

The minimum fair market value of submitted deals for Submit It & Forget It processing is reduced from $500K down to $200K.

A certified Investor Institute coach assigned to personally hold your hand and ensure you succeed! You will have direct access to your coach when you need him the most. You will also have 2 scheduled 30 or 60 minute calls per month, depending on which coaching program you qualify for.

2 Days with Mike at his office. This is your opportunity to spend time with Mike masterminding your success. You get a tour of our office and get to meet all the different players that make the magic happen!

Emergency access to your coach at the most critical time! This gives you the opportunity to have your coach help you partner with Agents and Brokers. If you have a big prospect on the hook, your coach can help you get them on board.

Emergency access to your coach at the most critical time! Receive instant feedback on any deal question.

Monthly mastermind calls with Mike discussing new strategies and techniques to help you become more profitable. Bring your toughest challenges and obstacles to the call, and let Mike solve them for you.

This is a list of all our top resources in the business. Everything from our money guys ,to our title attorneys and escrow companies. No need to search any further.

Exclusive online training with top industry leaders. We will have special content only training sessions on everything from social media, to goal setting, and mindset!

Special webinars where we do case studies from start to finish on some of our most profitable deals.

An extensive library of over 4000 recorded calls for you to mirror and master! Learn from the best how to talk short sales and get your deals closed!

This includes front of the room VIP seating at all Investor Institute events., discounts on all future Investor Institute courses, free tickets to all Investor Institute live events, AND special dinners with Mike.

Homeowner Welcome Package, Modification of Terms/Partnership Agreement, Exclusive Broker Agreement, Marketing Brochures, Credibility Pack, Realtor Email Campaign.