I owe it all to the President of the United States..!

Yes, it wasDonald Trumpwho started me onLease Options.Not personally, of course: Ive never met him, but I read

one of his bookssome years ago wherein he explains how he acquiredHUGEproperties in Manhattanwithout buying them.He controlled them using Lease Option Contracts and became a billionaire

Donald Trump saysControl everything, own nothingand options are a way of piggy-backing a vendors existing mortgage to control a property and profit from it without having to go through the mortgage process yourself. The benefits of this will be obvious no need to tie up you cash in a mortgage deposit, no fees to pay, no surveys to pay for, no credit rating checks involved, no long timescale involved!You dont even need any kind of a decent credit rating in fact you can even use this strategy if youre a bankrupt!

This was a Eureka, Lightbulb moment for me. It all seemed so easy, and I figured that if it worked over there, it should work here, too, so I piled in and started

Well, it wasnt easy. I knew the basic idea, but I didnt really know how to find suitable properties or how to negotiate them. I had problems having a suitable contract drawn up as well no solicitors knew what a lease option contract was or how to do them. TBH, not many do today! But I persevered and it all started to come together.

During the first seven months of 2011 alone,I acquired 48 properties using options,and did not pay more than 1 for any of them. Even if you have enough cash, you cant buy 48 properties   you cant get that many mortgages, and you certainly couldnt do it in 7 months!

During my many speaking engagements around the country I make a point of saying to investors experienced and newcomers that if you are not using options as a way of building your portfolio, you are losing out, big time.Options are the closest thing to Free Money you will find!

The good news is that the concept is easy to learn and the knowledge is easy to acquire.

will teach you everything you need to go out and start building your portfolio right away using options. I always have people who go right out and acquire their first property within the week following their first training session!

for example. He tried doing them on his own and lost 60k. I taught him my way and he was a millionaire in just two years!

You will learn: What options are, how they work, and why now is the perfect time to be using options. Sourcing leads and deals, covering leaflets, direct mail, newspaper advertising, estate agents, other investors, landlordsand social media. Negotiation techniques with estate agents, vendors, investors, deal sourcers etc. Creative ways of stacking the deal, including purchase options, sandwich options, delayed completion, tenant buyers. How to deal with the banks and secured loans. How to deal with solicitors. How the contract works. How to ensure your contract can never be contested successfully.Uniquely, I believe that I am the only course presenter in the country that not only goes through the contract with you so that you know how it works (essential, in my view) but gives you a complete set of contracts and associated paperwork.No need for solicitors save your money.My contract cost me 1200 plus VAT. YougetitFOR FREE!!!

There is no other Options Masterclasstraininglike this I guarantee it.

UPDATE 2:We now include Commercial to residential with no requirement for planning permission this is the way to make BIG MONEY!

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